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Florida Surf angler Rods and over the bar rods

When it comes to building Surf Fishing Rods, we do it right. Surf Angler Rods, we got you!! All of these rods are built using Fuji “Low Rider”  BMNAT/BLCAG guides and tops. The grip is rubber Japanese flock, Fuji doorknob butt cap, black wraps with gold metallic trim bands (whippings). These rods are clear coated and comes with a cloth, dual compartment carry case. Rods are dual rung for conventional reels using copolymer line or spinning (fixed spool) with braid. Call me just to talk about it or if you have questions.   

Florida Surf Angler Rods and Over the Bar Rods

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OTB Rods
Rods are SK carbon with nano fiber. Fuji Guides, Chinese Reel seats
The OverTheBar13 is fast – extra fast action rod , making it a great rod to cast over the bar and reaching great distances. Great rod for Drum and smaller sharks. Up to 5oz
Also great for a strong Pompano bite.
The OverTheBar12 is moderate. Very easy to cast, great bite detection and a fun rod to fish.
Great on Pompano,Whiting and Drum. 4oz